Support the business in revising the actual positioning (markets, products, clients suppliers) towards a new and more profitable one. Identification and quantification of the alternatives. Definition of a strategic action plan or an Entry Strategy Plan. Choice of the best option and definition of an implementation plan.

Analyse the growth pattern of the business and understand how much of the "Potential Market" is yet to be covered. Identify the Gap Fillers, Develop a business case, Execute the Plan, Assess the Performance. Apply "Find More, Win More, Keep More" to consolidate organic growth.

Sometimes companies lose their compass and it is necessary to diagnose what needs to be changed in order to put the company back on track. The company might also need an assessment before an M&A process. Our experimented Company Diagnosis Module create a report able to make a snapshot of the situation highlighting the areas of concern.

We support the clients in defining the best product strategy and are able to support them in introducing a new product line, from concept to market launch, following a methodology which minimize the risk of failure and, at the same time, compress the time to market.

The majority of the differences in the bottom line between market leaders and their competitor can be traced to a weaker cost position. Thoroughly investigation of the causes of the cost disadvantage. War on Waste and Bottlenecks, process streamline, productivity measure implementation will reshape the business for a much more profitable future.

We can assist our clients in defining the best way to grow through acquisitions and also finding and analyzing the right targets for them. Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Venture, Equity and Debt Private Placement, Debt advisory are some of the services we can provide.

Successful companies understood that customer centricity is the key for a stable growth and a profitable return on investment. We help our clients reconsidering their business from a customer point of view and this in order to discover inefficiencies and wastes that jeopardise the success of the organization.

When the situation appears critical, a more radical, structural and fast intervention is needed. With our modular approach, we tackle the real causes of the problem and take control of the situation, always bearing in mind that it is the survival and not the tradition that will determine the new shape of the business.