For every single assignment, we use the following effective, logical and modular approach which minimize the likelihood of jumping to conclusion too fast ("I have a problem, here is the solution"), wasting client's money and time and not getting to the expected results.

Define the problem: in most of the cases the correct definition of the problem helps to consider facets not considered before. Where is it, who is involved, what implications are there if we do nothing…

Measure the real impact of the problem and quantify the economical consequences. Without this phase it is impossible to have a correct prospectical vision of the problem

Analyze the causes and begin to infer the possible solutions, which will be compared and evaluated through cost /benefit analysis

Every identified solution is going to be evaluated in the light of its Complexity, the investment needed, the expected results, the strategic impact it may have on the future of the business

Once the ideal solution has been identified and evaluated, move to the implementation phase through the definition of robust implementation plan, including timing, cost and resource control and periodical review

Once implemented, a performance control system must be put in place, because the temptation to revert to the situation before the change is always very strong