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FeedForward Consulting was founded on the idea of providing a concrete, personal and measurable support to our clients, who want to improve their present situation. Utilising their past experience as a base and complementing it with creative and innovative solutions, we are able to generate new conditions for future profitable growth. FeedForward can count on the expertise of its partners and professionals, who gained business experience in several senior positions in multinational environments. Underpinning this expertise there is a deep knowledge of the main industries, both industrial and financial, and their market dynamics, gained over many years of operating "hands on" involvement, always delivering positive and tangible results. Over the years, we learnt how important is to have a clear and straightforward relationship with our clients, with whom we share their challenges and work side by side to achieve them, getting to a point where they perceive us as colleagues rather than consultants.


"We want to reactivate the value creation and growth process in our clients' companies, that potentially struggle to exploit their real potential due to external as well as internal causes, and allow them to successfully compete in today's marketplace satisfying their clients' needs profitably"

Reactivate value creation & growth means to restore confidence and credibility in the company and its potential. This regeneration can be applied both to distressed situations, where the company is hardly surviving, as well as in situations where the company is getting results, but better opportunities could be exploited.

In both situations, two concepts have to be taken into consideration before starting to address any issue: Confidence, an internal factor, and Credibility, an external factor.

Confidence is about the internal level of engagement, awareness and commitment of the people working at different levels, while Credibility is everything related to the external image of the company , from product to financial reports.

Working on confidence and credibility simultaneously, yet with different tools, can boost the positive attitude towards the possibility of achieving the planned goals.

Acting on a mix of soft and hard skills, the company can then fully exploit its potential, even emerge from controversial situations, and become really different and profitable. The achieved results tend to be long lasting in time due to the shared set of values and positive external projection.

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